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Josh East Amateur MMA Fighter

Josh East Finishes with a 28 sec TKO

G-Force MMA Fighter Josh East improves his record to 2-1 with a 28 sec TKO in the 1st round at Absolute Action MMA’s Christmas Charity Event. East who is fairly new to the fight game and coming off a lose at Turfwars 11 to an armbar, had his mind set in getting back to business. Josh came right out throwing heavy punches moving forward and dropping his opponent Steve Fettinger to the mat, East continued with punches landing solid blows that forced Referee Chris Kinman to stop the fight giving East the TKO win.

Absolute Action MMA holds their Charity Christmas Show every year. Kids from all over Ky. get the opportunity to come to the MMA  show watch some fights. G-Force Fighters Jeff Mack, Cody Gabelman and Pro Fighters Charlie Stanford and Chris Dunn were all on hand to sign autographs and get pictures with the kids. On Sunday the kids were treated with an MMA training session with Gabelman, Mack and Mr.G. Also on hand for the training session was Son of Siam Coach Nathan Fitch and SOS Female Fighter Septien Johnson. After the training session the kids were treated to a catered lunch and 2 rounds of gift selections from a room filled with toys donated by the guests at the show.


McDonald Takes the Bluegrass Brawl 155lb Title

Lightweight Fighter Marc McDonald wins the Bluegrass Brawl 155 Lightweight Amateur title. Going into the fight Marc held undefeated record of 4-0 facing David Suter who held a 6-1 record. Marc who has a strong background in wrestling and jiu-jitsu was looking to keep this fight standing to work a little of his improved striking. The first round was just that McDonald and Suter exchanged a virage of combinations with McDonald dropping Suter to the canvas with a big right straight. At the end of the 1st round it looked as though McDonald had the slight edge having scored a knockdown and a couple nicely executed takedowns. Second round started with Suter not touching gloves and immediately throwing punches, McDonald dodged most and landed another right dropping Suter and McDonald jumped on top of him  Suter reversed and McDonald pulled guard and hit a quick transition to the armbar forcing Suter to tap at 1.31 of the Second round.