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Cody Gabelman now 10-1

Gabelman Defends his Turfwars Title with a Unanimous Decision

In his first Title defense since winning the Midwest Fighting Alliance belt amateur fighter Cody Gabelman pulls off a unanimous decision win over John Walton (3-1) from Georgetown MMA in KY. Cody is on an 8 fight win streak and holds 4 of the top KY promotions belts. This was his first actual title defense. Walton  who trains out of Georgetown KY is normally a 135 lb. fighter decided to make the cut to 125 lb and challenge Gabelman for his belt.

Both guys came out exchanging punches in the opening minutes of the fight with Gabelman throwing a body kick that Walton was able to grab then he slammed Gabelman but Cody pulled full-guard and threw up a leg triangle. Gabelman worked to get the choke locked on but Walton was able to slip out into side-control. Walton then threw some shots of his own from the side but Gabelman was able to escape. Gabelman began to land some vicious strikes as he worked his way back to his feet.

In round 2 Gabelman was able to lock in a rear-naked choke and leg triangle deep but Walton was able to withstand. In between the two submissions holds Walton tried to get a heel hook but not for long as Gabelman was able to get free turn back to guard and throw up another triangle. The second round ended with Walton locked in the triangle choke. Walton spent most of the round locked up in a submission that he was able to avoid.  The final round just like the previous two rounds, Gableman was able to once again get the leg-triangle on Walton. Gabelman rolled Walton over on his back with the triangle still locked in and began to deliver hard shots from the top. Walton was able to slip out from the back and they continued to keep transitioning positions until the end of the 3rd round.

Cody Gabelman and John Walton fought hard all three rounds in this title fight from round 1 to round 3. Walton remained in Gabemans submission attempts for more than half the fight, but  Walton survived all three attempts.

Props to Georgetown MMA fighter, John Walton, who was not able to get a proper weight-cut in prior to this fight. Of course he did not attribute that to being the reason why he lost but thought, given better circumstances, he would have fared better. His opponent, Team G-Force fighter, went on to score a 30-27 unanimous decision victory to retain his title. Gableman now improves his record to an impressive 10-1 overall and continues his winstreak which now sits at nine fights.

It is not known at this time what the future holds for Gableman who has went on a tear in the region against some of the top flyweights in the division. The young fighter has a very bright future ahead of him and we only hopes he makes the most of it.

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Team G-Force MMA goes 3-1 at Absolute Action MMA

Team G-Force MMA goes 3-1 at Absolute Action MMA

Cincinnati MMA Coach Mike FeltsTeam G-Force MMA showed up ready to put on a show on Aug 18th at one of Ky’s premier MMA events Absolute Action MMA and put on a show they did. “The Team G-Force MMA guys went 3-1 on the night with the one loss coming from veteran fighter Charlie Stanford who went into the fight with a 7-1 record. Charles cut alot of weight for this fight dropping to 135 for the first time”, said boxing coach Eric Ware. “We wanted him to get ready for the 135 lb weight class because that’s were he’s going to be fighting Pro at, so really it’s a victory for us because he showed he can make the cut. The fight was exciting as hell, Charles was controlling the whole fight we made a mistake by letting Meyers up and Charles got caught, it happens to guys all the time”, said Ware.

First fighter up for Team G-Force MMA was Eddie Daniel. Daniel went up against Rashad Brown who stepped up after 3 other fighters backed out. The fighters came out exchanging punches and Rashad rocked Eddie with a good hook . Daniel recovered quickly and  the fight continued for the first round. Round 2 the fighters came out exchanging punches, Rashad went in for the takedown, slamming Daniel to the cage floor. Daniel pulled guard and locked in the triangle to end the fight 1:39 secs into round 2 winning by submission.

With 3 debuters anxious to step into the cage the first debut fight was G-Force’s wrestling coach Mike Felts. At 35 years old Felts stepped into the cage for the first time. Felts dominated the fight with his wrestling skills but Daniel Oretega proved to defend for the first 3 minutes of round 1. The fighters came out for round 2 and Felts scores a nice takedown and advances his position to mount, Ortega gives up his arm and Felts takes a nice basic armbar to win the fight in.43 secs of round 2 by submission.

First time MMA Fighter Jeff Mack’s fight was cancelled due to his fighter not passing his pre-fight medicals. Jeff looks to get back in the cage on Sept.22nd

The last debuter on the card was Cody Gabelman. Cody came out and delivered two hard leg kicks to Brandon Wren. The fighters exchanged a few punches and Wren proceeded to take Gabelman down but Gabelman stuffed the takedown attempt and immediately took Wrens back. Gabelman landed some great shots lifting Wrens head to punch him. Gabelman slips in the rear naked choke and ends the fight in 1:42 in the first round giving the Team their third win of the night. Congratulations Guys!