Frequently Asked Questions about our MMA Training

What is the Class Schedules for MMA?

Our training sessions normally start at 6:00 pm Monday through Thursday. You can get a complete schedule of the classes by clicking on the schedule button above. We are available for private training with 1 of our Instructors or Pro Fighters (this is additional to the cost of monthly classes) and is scheduled with the individual you seek to train with. Womens MMA classes are 5-6 pm Monday through Thursday

What is the Cost of Training in Mixed Martial Arts?

The cost is $50 a month for 1 person and $75.00 for 2 family members.

If you pay $150.00 for 3 months of MMA classes we’ll give you the 4th month FREE.

This is for unlimited training except for private sessions which are $25 per half hour.

What is the age limit to train with Team G-Force MMA?

If you are interested in our Cincinnati MMA Cagefight team the minimum age is 16 years old. In order to fight MMA in the cage you have to be at least 18 years old.

If you are under 16 years old you would train with our junior and teen classes.


Do I have to Fight in the MMA cage if I still want to train?

No, we have students who train and have no intention to fight in the caqe.

Can Women train MMA too?

Yes, we have women that train in classes seperate from the guys. But some of our Women train with the guys also

Do you train any other days than whats on the schedule?

Yes, we have other training times on the weekends for the guys getting ready to fight can prepare for their upcoming MMA events. We often times get together with other Instructors and teams to train with.

I have never trained before can I still train in MMA?

Yes, we have taken many fighters who have never trained in anything and turned them into champions. Our team is willing and receptive to help new members improve their skills and because of the various levels of people that train with us you will get improve fast.

How long have you guys been around?

Team G-Force MMA is one of the longest running established MMA Fight teams in Cincinnati area started back in 2005 by Instructor/Trainer Ron Gabelman. Browse the site gallery and see some of our history

What equipment will I need for my first session?

You will need a mouthpiece, athletic cup, shorts and a few t-shirts, towel and water for your first session.

If I join do I pay at the next class I attend?

Yes after the Free Training session you can fill out your paperwork, pay your first month