McDonald Takes the Bluegrass Brawl 155lb Title

Lightweight Fighter Marc McDonald wins the Bluegrass Brawl 155 Lightweight Amateur title. Going into the fight Marc held undefeated record of 4-0 facing David Suter who held a 6-1 record. Marc who has a strong background in wrestling and jiu-jitsu was looking to keep this fight standing to work a little of his improved striking. The first round was just that McDonald and Suter exchanged a virage of combinations with McDonald dropping Suter to the canvas with a big right straight. At the end of the 1st round it looked as though McDonald had the slight edge having scored a knockdown and a couple nicely executed takedowns. Second round started with Suter not touching gloves and immediately throwing punches, McDonald dodged most and landed another right dropping Suter and McDonald jumped on top of him  Suter reversed and McDonald pulled guard and hit a quick transition to the armbar forcing Suter to tap at 1.31 of the Second round.