Cincinnati MMA Training with Team G-Force MMA

If your looking to get started in mixed martial arts training in Cincinnati we want to offer you an opportunity to train mma with one of Cincinnati’s Ultimate cage fighting teams. Team G-Force MMA now has openings for beginner amateur fighters ages 16-up.

McDonald makes his Pro Boxing Debut

Marc McDonald set to make his Pro Boxing Debut at BB&T Arena

The Trinity Charles Stanford steps back in the Boxing Ring

Charles Stanford will step into the boxing ring looking to improve his record against Bryan Goldsby

Gabelman Wins at Strike Off 6

Gabelman wins at Strike Off 6 against Martin Davilla improving his Pro Record to 4-2

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RFA 8 Smokin Joe Pegg

“Smokin” Joe Pegg vs. Sergio “The Phenom” Pettis at RFA 8

RFA Main Event Flyweight Title Features “Smokin” Joe Pegg vs. Sergio “The Phenom” Pettis

In just 2 weeks G-Force MMA veteran Joe Pegg will step back in the cage to take on Sergio Pettis for the Resurrection Fighting Alliance (RFA) Flyweight Title. Just days ago after his impressive victory over Team Visions Jeremy Pender. Joe got the call from RFA matchmaker Mike Camp and was asked if he would like to take a flyweight title fight against Sergio Pettis, the younger brother of  UFC contender Anthony “Showtime” Pettis. Without hesitation Pegg accepted the offer and began the weight cut.

Pettis at age 19 has a Pro record of 7-0 and is a 2nd degree Black Belt in Taekwondo. Sergio brings to the cage his aggressive in your face style of stand up which Pegg fans know so does Joe. Pettis who was originally supposed to fight Jeff Curran an excellent ground fighter was more than likely working his ground game and take down defenses for this fight but will his game plan change? Will Pettis being a stand-up fighter and Pegg being a stand-up fighter decide to stand and bang? We asked Coach Ron about the upcoming fight with Pettis here’s what he had to say:

“Obviously, we want a stand-up fight I think that’s what the fans want too. They want to see both of these guys showcase their stand-up against each other, if that happens the fans will get the show they expect from these two very talented strikers. We know he’s been working his ground and he might try to take Joe down but we’re not worried about that either Joe has just a good ground game as any other top 125er so going to the ground would be a big mistake for Sergio.

Pegg who has been training and fighting since the early conception of  Team G-Force in 2006 plans to bring experience and calm but aggressive style to the fight. The RFA show will be aired live on June 21st on AXs TV at 10 pm

Cincinnati MMA Training with Team G-Force MMA

Adult Cincinnati MMA Training Classes

1If your looking to get started in mixed martial arts training in Cincinnati we want to offer you an opportunity to train mma with one of Cincinnati’s Ultimate cage fighting teams. Team G-Force MMA now has openings for beginner amateur fighters ages 17-up. Normally the team will only carry 30 active members but because of the high demand from promoters interested in the team and the much larger training space in our Cincinnati mma gym, addition of more coaches Team G-Force has opened up their roster to add 15 more amateurs to the team. Don’t miss this opportunity to train at a Cincinnati mma training gym known for producing mixed martial arts champions.

Womens MMA Training Classes now available

The sport of MMA has grown incredibly in the last 15 years and in the past you didn’t see many many women training in the sport, but in the last year we have seen an increasingly amount of women starting to train. One reason women are getting more involved is they are seeing their favorite ladies fighting on Strikeforce, XFC. and now the UFC. Women like “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey, Meisha Tate, Alexis “Ally-Gator” Davis, Marloes “Rumina” Coenen just to name a few. The reason the sport of mixed martial arts is getting popular with the ladies is because these women are showing that they to can put on a show and lay it all out there just like the guys. “On a local level we are starting to see a few women pop up on a card. At the last Absolute Action MMA show 4 ladies put on 2 excellent fights. We never had a bunch of women or enough to even have a separate class, but in the past couple months we’ve had more women inquire about classes so we have started a class just for women who want to train MMA and get in shape” said Gabelman the Chief Instructor.

Teens MMA Training Classes

Our Teen MMA classes are a great way to get your child involved in the many benefits of Martial Arts.

Mentally, Physically and Socially – For parents and students new to mixed martial arts, the benefits of training might not be seen. Some people think their kids are just learning to beat people up but this is far from the truth. Our kids learn that there are  activities and events for which they can test their skills against others and they never use what they learn unless it’s a self defense situation. But the benefits of martial arts training, especially for children and teenagers, are much more than simple physical improvements. Martial arts benefits  include Mental,Physical and Social improvements.

Physical benefits are
· Physical fitness
· Personal Safety

Mental benefits are
· Improve Learning Skills
· Setting Small attainable Goals
· Self – Discipline

Social benefits are
· Create New Friendships
· Develop Self-esteem
· Learn Respect
·  Learn Self Control

We’ll teach each of these qualities in a Fun Safe Environment.