Stanford makes weight at his first 135lb cut for AAMMA

Cincinnati MMA local standout amateur fighter Charles ” Trinity” Stanford makes his first cut to 135 lb with no problem. Charles and coach Ron Gabelman decided to give the cut a try for this upcoming Absolute Action MMA with positive results. ” We talked about it and Charlie wants to fight 135 as a pro so we decided this would be a good time to see how a 135 cut would go for him, and just as we expected he did fine”, said Gabelman.

Charlie is so dedicated to this sport and is destined to be on the UFC one day. He works hard in his fight preparation. My team mates push me all the time so it’s easy to perform with guys like TJ Wash, Mike Ormes and my coaches and teamates at G-Force pushing me to my limits. The cut was a little tough at first but once I get in my fight mode nothing is impossible. I am excited to be fighting on this card with all my younger team members who are making their debuts. I always try to be an example to these guys and I know they look up to me so I wont let them down.

Stanford started training MMA with Gabelman at the Big Show Gym in Cincinnati when he taught there last year and started Team BSG but when Gabelman decided things weren’t working out with BSG he left and Stanford followed along with Boxing Coach Eric Ware and Wrestling Coach Mike Felts and all the other BSG fighters. Rolling out with a 7-1 record Charles has his sights set on the Absolute Action MMA 135 lb title. I want to get another title which will give me 3 titles with 3 different promotions before I go Pro, says Charles. Stanford is set to fight Chris Meyers who is currently 4-6 but that don’t mean it’s not gonna be a good fight. Meyers has fought alot of tough guys including my teammates TJ Wash and Keith Williams so anybody who says Chris is a can obviously hasn’t seen him fight. Chris is a tough dude and he will stay in there and bang with me so thats what I want he has fought a lot more fights that his record doesn’t reflect that’s just his sanctioned record. I want to fight, said Stanford.