TJ Wash to make his Pro MMA Debut

TJ Wash Cincinnati MMA Fighter

TJ Wash Pro DebutOn Oct 27th amateur Cincinnati MMA Fighter TJ Wash will make his Pro debut against Jorge Gurgel Fighter Jamie Morton at Absolute Action MMA at the Drawbridge Inn in Erlanger KY. ”  “I haven’t been in the cage since March and I been working my ass off since then and cant wait to get back in there” said Wash.

TJ Wash is 35 years young from New Richmond Ohio and has been training with Team G-Force MMA  since the early days of the team.” My coachs and teammates push me hard every practice the training we do at G-Force is always intense that’s the way we train always” said TJ Wash.

TJ’s not one to go out there and talk smack about his opponent when preparing for a fight. “I just try to keep my focus on my training and my upcoming fights, I don’t need to waste my energy talking smack about my fight, I’d rather use that energy in the gym and practice. I know my opponent is working just as hard as me, I just want to go out and give everyone a good show, I want my opponent to give me a good fight”.

When asked about his age being a factor considering most of TJ’s past opponents were younger Wash had this to say. “Your only as old as you feel, right. I feel like a 25 year old LOL. I train with my teammates who are young tough kids some of them are half my age so how can anyone out there be anymore of a threat then that”.

When asked if there was anyone out there he wanted to thank about his upcoming Pro career, Wash said, “I want to thank most importantly my wife Beth and my family for giving up so much family time so I can train to achieve my goals.  I want to Thank my Coaches, Ron Gabelman, Eric Ware and Mike Felts for the time they devote to not only my training but my career as well. I want to thank my teammates for always being there pushing each other and working hard so we can all become better MMA Fighters. I especially want to Thank all my Sponsors who help make this possible. Melissa and Lonnie Barker, Bullseye Ink and Tattoos, Beefcake Supplements and Fever Fight Wear.